Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Place Value-This is in the front of my room so my students see multiple representations of Place Value. (There's a dime and a penny to compare to the base10 units.)

Place Value-
It is very important that students have a strong foundation of Place Value.  In upper grades we teach place value and review it the first three weeks of school and continue reviewing throughout the school year.  We use concrete and multiple representations to help the students visualize and make connections.  It is also an opportunity to tap into the variety of learning styles within a classroom.  We first start with base 10 blocks, then move to discs.  We use the discs so we can work with larger numbers.  Jana Hazekamp's book below shows other ways to use the discs.

Multiple Representations of Place Value
Organizing Base 10 Blocks
I got this idea from Bomb-Diggity Classroom.  Thank you!
My Base 10 Blocks are always disorganized in plastic bags!
I'm excited to finally have them in their own compartments!
Organizing Place Value Strips
I organize my place value strips in stronger folders I purchased at Wal-Mart.  I just stapled the sections with a long stapler.  These are smaller place value strips that are easier for the students to manipulate.  They are available using the link above.  I copied them on colored card stock then laminated.

Organizing Place Value Discs

Our Math coach, Barbara Child, bought these Utility Boxes through Maurice Sporting Goods.  We tried several others and these work well with bingo chips and the tiles.

Place Value Mats  -I love using these mats to teach Place Value!  You can use the periods you need and set the periods side by side.


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