Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy November!!

We enjoyed presenting Mental Math Strategies at the UCTM Conference!!  Our Presentation- which we share examples of how we begin with bonding and move to mental math is now on Teachers Pay Teachers.
"We teach addition/subtraction bonding strategies even to our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.  Although it is not in the Common Core for 4th and 5th grades-the students should already know these bonding strategies. We find our fifth grade students are lacking in these foundational strategies.
These strategies help their number sense and also helps them become fluent in their addition facts so they can process them mentally!"

 Presentation Link

This blog shows the same progression as the math foundation blocks below.  It is the same progression we use at the beginning of the year in our 5th grade classroom to review and give our students a strong math foundation.

We will be presenting at the UCTM Conference in November.
Jan & Nancy

Don't miss out on our Teachers Pay Teachers Calendar JANCY Teachers Pay Teachers

  We have used and tried several different calendars from different publishers.  We have found that the ones we have created align with the New Common Core.  They have also been very effective while we teach and review math concepts.   

Place calendar and fraction wheel in a clear sheet protector.
The Fraction wheel is very useful in helping students see fractions, percents, part-part whole, and  also helps them use estimation.  Copy on colored cardstock.

This is our newest Calendar-Our students needed more review with expanded form.  The common core shows both ways (as a decimal and as a fraction). We also added multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.   

 Building a Strong Foundation

Nancy and I have been teaching Singapore Math for the past 8 years in our 5th grade classroom.  Since we have started pinning, we've decided to share some of the ways we have helped our students gain a better understanding of Math.   
We have found that without a strong foundation our students' math understanding crumbles.
At the beginning of the year we focus on the foundational concepts in our classes.  We hope you enjoy some of the examples of how this is done.

Nancy Stewart and I will be presenting again this year (July 16th, 2013) at the SDE Singapore Conference in Las Vegas!!

We are also starting to add many of the activities and strategies we present and use on this blog.  We have just started posting them on  Teachers Pay Teachers under JANCY



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I LOVE Singapore Math as well. I have used it in my classroom for 2 years now.

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