Saturday, July 27, 2013

FIRST TO 100 Game!!

Teachers pay Teachers
This is my students all time favorite game.
This game is very fast paced, engaging, and your students will want to play it as often as you will allow.
This game is very good to help students number sense. 

Math Strategy Focus: 

All the counting activities can be differentiated in small groups or individually.

Students Play in groups of 3-6. This game is on
 Teachers Pay Teachers.

  Example of students playing first to One Whole.  The bonding sheet helps the students avoid errors.  When they get to the tenth square, there will always be a friendly number of ten.    
They could also play first to zero starting at 100 and writing backwards.
If they are writing decimals the bonding sheet will help them understand when they write .10 or ten hundredths-ten hundredths equals 1 tenth.  When they get to 100 hundredths 
 they will understand 100 hundredths equals 1 whole.   I would also ask questions after this activity to check their understanding. 
 We played First to 100 to practice counting,  noticing bonds of ten, and working in teams.  Then we used it to help with math facts writing multiples (depending on the math fact they are struggling with).  When they say the number, they are practicing subitizing. It's amazing how many of my students struggle with counting the dots quickly.


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