Sunday, June 23, 2013

TEACHING THE COMMON CORE-Go Math or Math in Focus?

What are you using to teach the Common Core?  Two years ago we piloted Math in Focus. We found ourselves supplementing several different books (examples above).  Last year we piloted Go Math.  I am very impressed with Go Math because it supports the Common Core and was written after the Common Core came out.  It also has engaging concrete activities and I really like how the Common Core Standard is shown above each new lesson.  We used it more than we used Math in Focus and I am very happy with it.  I consistently refer to other resources; e.g., Primary Mathematics Calif Edition, Math in Focus, and Singapore Primary Mathematics for ideas to help me, as well as help my students gain a deeper understanding.  They have been great resources in helping me teach Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract.


Clare Nemeth said...

I also use Go Math in my. 5th grade math class. I like the depth and focus of the lessons. I have used Math in Focus and other Singapore resources as well. I presented several of the strategies to parents in a training and make and take. They wanted to know where these strategies were when they were learning math in school. Lol

Jan Farmer said...

Hi Clare,
I have really enjoyed teaching Go Math. It helps keep me focused and I love how each standard is on the top of each lesson.!! What a great idea to help parents with a make and take!

Jan Farmer said...

Thanks!! I enjoy go math!!

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