Sunday, May 5, 2013


  (You can also find more mental math on my Bonding Page.)

This is our 70 page presentation that has some excellent ideas that will help you teach mental math in the classroom.  It is on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Teachers Pay Teachers
Teachers Pay Teachers

 Double the Number

My students become very fluent at doubling the number by first doubling the tens then the ones.  After I teach this concept they are able to do it mentally.

Half the Number
Half the number-I teach them to half the tens then half the ones.  When they are able to decompose the tens and ones it makes it easier for them.  

                                                            Multiply by 5
Multiply by 10-Multiply by 10 then half it.  When my students are good at halving numbers they can do this!!

Strategies to become fluent with math facts


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