Sunday, February 23, 2014

SDE Conference, Las Vegas

We are hoping to attend this conference
We can't get enough of Greg Tang!  We love math!!
SDE Conference 2013

Nancy and I had a great time at the National Singapore Convention.  We love teaching and learning new ways to teach math more effectively.

If you attended any of our presentations, we are working on getting some games/activities on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Jan & Nancy

Greg Tang (in Las Vegas)- I can't tell you how impressive Greg Tang is.  He is always sharing something I can use and is introducing new interactive games.  Two year I learned about Kakooma.  I have it on my Iphone, Ipads, and worksheets are available.  Last year he  added Kakooma with negative numbers and multiplication.  This year he is adding more!  He has several other games you can access on his free site. 

Ron Clark was the opening speaker!! I have never seen or heard such a dynamic speaker in my life!  If you haven't heard of Ron Clark, there has been a movie made about him called The Ron Clark Story.  For more information you can go to

Las Vegas Presentation

During our presentation we forgot to mention this valuable book by Jana Hazekamp.  This book gives ideas and steps on Why and How to teach basic math strategies.  Some of the teachers in our district did a book study using this book.
Some of you might have seen Jana present at SDE.  She is another one of their amazing presenters!


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